M:::::::M M:::::::M A:::A N:::::::N N::::::N A:::A L:::::::::L I::::::::IV::::::V V::::::VE::::::::::::::::::::E !!:!!
M::::::::M M::::::::M A:::::A N::::::::N N::::::N A:::::A L:::::::::L I::::::::IV::::::V V::::::VE::::::::::::::::::::E !:::!
M:::::::::M M:::::::::M A:::::::A N:::::::::N N::::::N A:::::::A LL:::::::LL II::::::IIV::::::V V::::::VEE::::::EEEEEEEEE::::E !:::!
M::::::::::M M::::::::::M A:::::::::A N::::::::::N N::::::N A:::::::::A L:::::L I::::I V:::::V V:::::V E:::::E EEEEEE !:::!
M:::::::::::M M:::::::::::M A:::::A:::::A N:::::::::::N N::::::N A:::::A:::::A L:::::L I::::I V:::::V V:::::V E:::::E !:::!
M:::::::M::::M M::::M:::::::M A:::::A A:::::A N:::::::N::::N N::::::N A:::::A A:::::A L:::::L I::::I V:::::V V:::::V E::::::EEEEEEEEEE !:::!
M::::::M M::::M M::::M M::::::M A:::::A A:::::A N::::::N N::::N N::::::N A:::::A A:::::A L:::::L I::::I V:::::V V:::::V E:::::::::::::::E !:::!
M::::::M M::::M::::M M::::::M A:::::A A:::::A N::::::N N::::N:::::::N A:::::A A:::::A L:::::L I::::I V:::::V V:::::V E:::::::::::::::E !:::!
M::::::M M:::::::M M::::::M A:::::AAAAAAAAA:::::A N::::::N N:::::::::::N A:::::AAAAAAAAA:::::A L:::::L I::::I V:::::V V:::::V E::::::EEEEEEEEEE !:::!
M::::::M M:::::M M::::::M A:::::::::::::::::::::A N::::::N N::::::::::N A:::::::::::::::::::::A L:::::L I::::I V:::::V:::::V E:::::E !!:!!
M::::::M MMMMM M::::::M A:::::AAAAAAAAAAAAA:::::A N::::::N N:::::::::N A:::::AAAAAAAAAAAAA:::::A L:::::L LLLLLL I::::I V:::::::::V E:::::E EEEEEE !!! 
M::::::M M::::::M A:::::A A:::::A N::::::N N::::::::N A:::::A A:::::A LL:::::::LLLLLLLLL:::::LII::::::II V:::::::V EE::::::EEEEEEEE:::::E  
M::::::M M::::::M A:::::A A:::::A N::::::N N:::::::N A:::::A A:::::A L::::::::::::::::::::::LI::::::::I V:::::V E::::::::::::::::::::E !!! 
M::::::M M::::::M A:::::A A:::::A N::::::N N::::::N A:::::A A:::::A L::::::::::::::::::::::LI::::::::I V:::V E::::::::::::::::::::E !!:!!

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Counting Hallways To The Left is Embrace The End's first full-length album.

The dual-vocal attack works well for the six-piece, effortlessly moving between mid-range screams, frenetic shrieks, and low, guttural growling. The song structures, while technically sound, offer little reprieve from the genre standard blast beats and breakdowns, but even that seems to be executed with a little more flare, a little more gusto than bands playing similar music. The band wastes little time getting straight into their groove, as “Carbombs And Conversations” speeds out of the gate with reckless abandon, and never gives time to look back, and “Memento Mori” carries an excellent groove amidst the range of screams and speedy metal riffing to keep fans of hardcore and metal alike happy. It’s even got some solid, melodic guitar undercurrents that sound great underneath the harsh layer of screamed vocals and relentless drum fills. Fluid as all of these songs are, they do on occasion fall into a lot of the same metalcore ruts, with too many breakdowns and overuse of the double bass drumming leading the offenses. I’ll be damned though if Embrace The End doesn’t finish off the album with their two strongest tracks. The speedy and chaotic “After Me The Floods” demolishes everything in its path with untouched ferocity and great musicianship, while the closer “The Father's Right Hand” is heavy and pummeling, while retaining the same cohesion established up to this point.


  1. It Ate Everybody
  2. Biography of a Fever
  3. Carbombs and Conversations
  4. Headlines and Death Tolls
  5. Memento Mori
  6. Devil Rides a Pale Horse
  7. Frankie is a Cutter
  8. Tempest Tried and Tortured (The Bloodening)
  9. After Me the Floods
  10. Fathers Right Hand (My Lai)